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fuck em i want my cash that was promised shit its just anotha web shit site

yeah, maybe Facebook should be recruiting its next generation of customer experience professionals from the feds?

Interesting post. We should look at what the web designers are doing on the eGov sites and replicate it. Obviously people are finding what they need. Maybe one difference is the lack of advertising and sales pitches, pop-ups, etc. I know as a Search Engine Industry Professional, I am sometimes almost offended at the crass commercialism of websites. After all, I came to your website to find something; why not help me find it in a straight forward manner and engage my trust a little. Then if I don't buy, send me an email coupon or special offer in return for filling out a short survey abot why I didn't buy the first time? Makes sense to me.

Sorry, I meant to spell the word "about" correctly, but have a sticky "u" key.

Rereading these words of Voltaire and Emerson today, I cannot but admire their wisdom and far sight.

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can not find a free download for antivirus.Would like to have them remove from my computer.Thank You:Mr.Gary Johnson:

Was Sie davon sagen wollen?

the gov't is political and it speaks in political correct speech. not to mention its trust factor.

la pregunta muy Гєtil

Nach meinem ist es das sehr interessante Thema. Ich biete Ihnen es an, hier oder in PM zu besprechen.

No tomes a pechos!

More likely though is that you could simply be experiencing an alcohol intolerance.

While I can wish for luck, I believe the saying that luck is when preparedness and opportunity meet, so I thought I’d share a few ideas in this week’s blog to help you be prepared for the opportunity when luck bestows itself on you.

If you don't exert yourself in youth, you will regret it in old age.。

Imaginez créer ce genre de merde chez vous.Bon ben je vais en profiter pour créer ma bactérie mortelle qui va enclencher l'apocalyspe zombis.

Does the govt really want to admit that they have been outsourced by Facebook??? of course not so as far as FB rating 65/100 and the govt rating at 95% better than FB tells me that they are not comparing apples to apples. I agree with the comment about "when my employees have free time they are on Facebook, not a govt website" (not exact words)I certainly am not spending my free time on the Govt. sites either I am a Facebook fan and feel that I find most of my information that I want from there.

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